Who are they?

Who are your virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants are people who can help you to do your work. You can send them the tasks that need to be done and a person – your virtual assistant will do the work within the agreed terms.

But who are those people who would like to be your virtual assistants? Those are professionals from various fields who can do the work you assign for them within short period and provide high quality of the work.

Who are those people?

Geography – most of our virtual assistants are from Eastern Europe – Russia, Ukraine and Armenia. But we do not limit our geography to this region. Depending on the nature of the work we can employ virtual assistants from other regions as well. We have network in a large range of the countries and if a customer is interested in virtual assistants from a particular country – most probably we will be able to find a person from that country!

Education – almost all our virtual assistants have university education. Most of them – have Master degrees; some – PhD and MBA. Our virtual assistants are professionals in the field of work where they offer their services.

Work – some of our virtual assistants have full-time jobs and available only for short tasks and some others are full time virtual assistants. And that means they are available for full-time tasks – for example if you are looking for a full-time administrative support of customer service –some of the full-time virtual assistants might be available for those jobs.

Why people choose virtual assistants?

One and the most obvious reason – it saves costs. If you need to hire a new full-time employee in addition to the salary you need to provide office space, the payments for the pension and other payments. When you hire a virtual assistant – you only need to provide the payment for actual work done. No need for vacation payments, no sick leaves.

Another important reason – virtual assistants can provide higher quality of work. In a country like the Netherlands the minimum salary is 1600 euro per month. Hardly any university graduate would work for that amount. And at the end you might have a low-educated person working for this salary who won’t be able to provide the quality you expect. If you look for a virtual assistant for 40 hours per week – you can find a person with university degree who will be able to provide the high quality of work! And the amount you will need to pay to this person will be much less than 1600 euro per month. So you have more professional person for less money! How? We employ as virtual assistants professionals from countries with lower income. You can have a virtual assistant who had experience of working in BIG4. Your virtual assistant might have education from European university. You will be surprised how professional and educated can be your virtual assistant who will be able to work for much lower payment than a non-graduated from your country!